About the book

The Lonely Tiger explores the power of friendship. All the animals are jealous of the Tiger’s beautiful stripes. As the tiger roams the jungle, who will befriend the tiger? Will it be the pig? The snail? The Skunk? Or the Snake? This book encompasses morals of forgiveness, sharing, being kind and ultimately believing in the strong bond of friendship.

Fashion Collection

This includes T-shirts, Pyjamas, hoodies, Japanese style baby body suit, caps and much more! The characters from the book are found on the designs of the clothing, allowing you to embrace your personal style. We aim to mostly use organic and sustainable fabrics in our products to protect our environment as well as human rights and encourage sustainability in the fashion world.


Lonely Tiger

Purchase the original Lonely Tiger story that has been transformed into an animation. 50% of the proceeds from the sales of this item will be donated to charities in Sub-Saharan Africa 

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The Lonely Tiger

Other products offered by our brand include bags and accessories as well as stuffed animals and toys. All toys are characters from the book, so that you can play with your new friend or snuggle them to sleep. We also include a children's finger puppet book, to bring the characters to life who you can play with while reading The Lonely Tiger.