About Tatiana

“I was very lucky to grow up in an environment where my parents taught me the true meaning of the impact humanitarian work can have. Since I was a little girl, my mother took me to orphanages and charities in my home country Zimbabwe. Being exposed to poverty and social injustice; fuelled my desire to make a positive impact. I loved storytelling and writing and decided I wanted to help children in my own way. I decided to write this book, based on the values of friendship that I was taught. After it was published, the proceeds from this book went to helping children in poverty.”


Meet Tatiana

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The Youngest Author in Zimbabwe

This story was written by Tatiana when she was 7 years old originally as a gift to children who do not have access to books of this kind. Tatiana shares her passion for writing by encouraging children to read, write and share their stories. “Nelson Mandela is my hero, he once said Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. By empowering children with an education we have the ability to transform development in countries that are in poverty. To provide them with the tools necessary to be self-sustainable. Its time to give a hand up, not a hand out!

Change maker

Tatiana studied International Relations (BA) at King’s College London. In 2016 Tatiana spoke at the United Nations headquarters In New York for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16 ‘Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”. Tatiana has also worked with Palestinian and Syrian refugees at the NGO “Right to Play” and is a Global Council Member at World Merit. She invites you to join her by becoming a change-maker.