How I Fell in Love with The Lonely Tiger

When I was a little girl, around 7 years old; I remember my mom bringing me with her to Charities and Orphanages in Zimbabwe. Comparing myself to these kids, I could not help but question why I was so privileged that I had 3 meals a day, a roof over my head and a loving family that showed me love on a daily basis.

My Grandmother, who was from the Soviet Union was the first person to teach me that Tigers are an endangered species on earth. I couldn't help but falling in love with these beautiful big cats with magnificent stripes hugged around their body. Emerald green, brown and hazy eyes that spoke with power, experience and even a hint of kindness. The type only mammals have. I knew that they were dangerous predators but could not help feeling sorry for the fact that there is not many of
them left. I wanted to transform the idea that they were vicious creatures and in my imagination I made them kind. Only wishing to have a friend to roam around the jungle with. Perhaps, growing up in Zimbabwe and being exposed to African animals, Tigers intrigued me.

At the age of 7, I decided I wanted to contribute towards helping the children that we visited. Instead of my mom handing me clothes or food and me handing it to the children, I wanted to contribute in my own way. I always loved telling stories in class. I learnt to read at an early age and loved story writing as soon as I learnt how to put pen to paper.


I wont give away too much about the book itself, but the morals and values that the book encourages are very important to my heart.


As I was an only child; I wished so dearly to have many friends. In life there will always be people that are jealous of others. Truly, jealousy is a disease. Those that are bullied are often left alone, and sometimes suffering can kill their internal genius. Hence, I believe that we as individuals should try to be the better person, especially towards those that are lonely. To fill their lives with a little more laughter through friendship. Forgiveness is key too. And so is sharing what you have.
Peace is simple and it starts with a positive attitude to those in need. I hope you enjoy the magic of friendship in the Lonely Tiger. My aim is that it teaches children all over the world these valuable principles that I have mentioned. Small and simple positive seeds, when planted in a child’s mind early on, have the capacity to create legendary adults and a generation that is more loving, more
understanding, more helpful and more peaceful.

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